Big Data Exploitation

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Big Data Exploitation

Most of the SISTEMA activities require the exploitation of large collections of data (multi-temporal, multi-sensor, multi-resolution datasets). Data exploitation means data access, data visualization, data processing / data fusion and results provision.

SISTEMA makes available its expertise  for different projects to improve the usability of remotely-retrieved data with a strong focus on atmospheric sciences and climate data.

In the framework of the V-MANIP project, lead by EOX IT Services GmbH, SISTEMA provides its expertise on atmospheric sciences data, preparing the different data sources (1D soundings, 2D maps e.g. total column maps of trace gases, 3D datasets, e.g. numerical weather prediction data) to be visualized by the V-MANIP platform.

In the framework of the VIRES project, lead by EOX IT Services GmbH, SISTEMA coordinates the collection of requirements for a generic exploitation platform for Earth Explorer missions.

In the framework of the TAMP project, lead by SISTEMA, we provide our expertise in big data management and atmospheric sciences to implement a demonstration platform for atmospheric science users to exploit multi-source (ground measurements, satellite-retrieved data and numerical models outputs) datasets