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The Technology and Atmospheric Mission Platform project –┬áTAMP project aims at implementing a demonstration platform to support atmospheric science users in their daily job. TAMP faces the challenges of Big Data exploitation from the aspects of data access, processing, and results publication. TAMP makes available to its users the following capabilities:

  • A large set of data (satellite-based data, weather / chemical prediction models, validation datasets)
  • Processing platform and processing tools
  • Multi-Dimensional data visualization and access tools
  • Data assessment tools, to compare processed data with input and validation data

The TAMP platform can be accessed from here. A introductory video can be found here, while the wiki page provides a set of platform usage information and related short (< 2 min) videos to show the main functionalities (portal, data management, jupyter notebook).

The project is lead by SISTEMA, with the support of EOX IT Services GmbH and the Austrian Meteorological Service, and is funded by the European Space Agency.