Landslides and Floodings with SAR

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Landslides and Floodings with SAR

In the framework of theĀ KLAUS Project, the analysis of hydro geological risks has been carried out developing prototype modules for landslides precursors and flooding monitoring. In both cases the involved users required independence of the methodology from meteorological conditions, thus the use of SAR data is mandatory.

Bitemporal SAR data analysis systems have been implemented and tested over specific use cases, where ground truth are provided by the end-users.

Landslides occurred in the Sicilia Region, Italy on October 2 2009 have been used to calibrate and validate the landslides application; the increase of soil moisture in the days right before the event has been identified by the ENEA Research Centre, Casaccia, Rome, Italy, as the strongest predictor for the identified events. Thus ASAR and PALSAR images have been processed to correlate the occurred events with the qualitative soil moisture maps extracted from satellite data.

Flooded areas have been studied in the Lower Austria Region, in the March river basin, with the support of the Land management office of the Lower Austria regional government. Events occurred on March 26 2006 have been analyzed: the satellite image collected on April 1 2006 paired with a pre-event image (March 16 2006) has permitted to clearly identify flooded areas, discriminating from other water bodies such as rivers, lakes.