Land Use and Land Cover

SOIL MAPPER® is a fully automatic spectral classification system of multispectral and multi-sensor remotely sensed images. Based on the prior knowledge of a wide range of land cover spectral signatures, soil mapper® generates land cover classification maps from sensors with different spectral capabilities.
soil mapper® is able to support most common satellite optical sensors, from medium to high and very high resolution: MODIS, AVHRR, AATSR, MERIS, Landsat 5 TM/7 ETM+, ASTER, SPOT-4 HRVIR, SPOT-5 HRG, IRS 1-C/-D, IRS-P6, IKONOS, ALOS/AVNIR-2, QuickBird, WorldView2.
Fully automatic multi temporal analysis of SOIL MAPPER® maps permits to analyse transition phenomena, periodic phenomena making use of different satellite platforms.

In order to move from Land Cover to Land Use concept, a dedicated web application named Topology Software System (TSS) has been developed in the framework of the Support to Topology Project. More information can be found here

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