Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Assessment with  PM MAPPER®

PM MAPPER® allows extracting near surface particulate matter concentration maps automatically handling following inputs:

  • MODIS data with resolution, 500m, 1 km;
  • georeferencing information;
  • ancillary data (atmospheric profiles, ice/snow cover, etc.);

PM MAPPER® generates, as output:

  • near surface PM10 concentration maps in µg/m3 at  1km x 1km
  • near surface PM2.5 concentration maps in µg/m3 at 1km x 1km
  • thematic maps representing the air quality index, based on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 2006) classification criteria at 1km x 1km.

Output maps are delivered in the most common geospatial formats (ENVI, GeoTIFF, JPEG2000, GoogleEarth).

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